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Latest Multilayer forming fabric series Products

PET is also called polyester, Its feature is less elongation, good high-intensity anti-wear, anti-rust, less moisture absorption.
The forming fabric can be divided into 4 shed single layer, 5 shed single layer, 8 shed single layer, 7 shed double layers, 7 shed double layers, 8 shed double layers, 8 shed 2.5 layers. 16 shed 2.5 layers, etc.

PET Multilayer forming fabric series

  • 7shed double layer fabric is suitable for high-quality printing paper, low gsm paper.
  • 8 shed double layers fabric is suitable for printing paper for offset, low gsm paper
  • 8 shed, 16 shed 2.5 layers fabric is suitable for high-speed paper mills machinery for all types papers.

PET Multilayer forming fabric specification table

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