Haitek Industrial Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.

Our Production Equipments

A complete set of advanced and precise production equipment and testing facilities provides a strong guarantee of high quality for the products being produced in Haitek. Precise testing instruments:- Haitek has advanced testing instruments, 144560 Tensile Testing Machine and SLX-12 Microscope.

Two 12.5 M JP5000 weaving machine From Juergens Maschinenbau GmbH Co. Germany
Two 12.5M JR 3000 weaving machine From TEXO formstar FSR
One 12.5 M Weaving machine from HFE.
Three weaving wrapping Machine From TSB400, Sweden
Two NL1 Hot Blowing Set- Stretching machine From Norway , another two made in China.
Inserting:- Three Jointing Machine From WIS. Austria
Heat Sealing Machine :- One Side heat sealng machine From NORDSON, USA
Four P7100 Hook-shuttle loom machine From Sulzer, Switzerland Six heavy rapier loom machine from Dornier, Germany
Testing Machine : air permeability testing machine , water permeability testing machine, WET BEADM Testing machine , tensile testing machine , Martindale abrasion testing machine, flatness testing machine , Infra light temperature testing machine.
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