Quality Policy

We want Haitek Industrial Fabrics to be the natural choice for fabric solutions worldwide. We are a company specialized in fabrics for paper mills machinery, including forming, drying, pressing fabric. Our mother company is Anhui pacific specialty fabrics pvt.ltd in China, leading company of paper fabrics in China which founded in 1983. Our Mission is that wherever in the world you are, we'll deliver a product you can trust, be responsive to change, passionate about and Haitek is committed to deliver goods & services which satisfy its customer at all times & enhance value of its business for all stake holders through active involvement of all employees & continuous process improvement.

Our Fabrics quality assurance relies on robust quality systems designed around the Fabrics manufacturing process. Use of technology including a complete set of advanced and precise production equipment and testing facilities provides a strong guarantee of high quality for the products being produced in Haitek. Precise testing instruments:- Haitek has advanced testing instruments, 144560 Tensile Testing Machine and SLX-12 Microscope, and use best testing machine:- air permeability testing machine , water permeability testing machine, WET BEADM Testing machine , tensile testing machine , Martindale abrasion testing machine, flatness testing machine , Infra light temperature testing machine.

We are able to provide all types of paper fabric in stable quality and favourable price for you. Our product including single layer to three layers SSB fabric for paper mill machinery, drying screen for sewage and sludge dewatering treatment, juice squeezing, floor clearing device, food industry, nonwoven fabric industry, chemical, glue type material manufacturing, coal mine industry, woven industry, sand filtering and other special application.

  • Supplying fabrics and services which conform to all relevant performance and certification requirements.
  • Delivering on-time and keeping to promised lead-times.
  • Demonstrating class-leading innovation and Continuous Improvement in products and services.
  • Providing robust and professional customer support systems - responding quickly and accurately to issues through our Technical Helpdesk Service.
  • Developing and review our quality objectives in line with the company Business Plan and our Customer requirements - our target is to achieve zero defects.